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Our Mobile Application


  • We realized the need for a specialized access panel for the students, parents and teachers, as they are key stakeholders within the education system.
  • As a result, this application allows each stakeholder to access their relevant information as well as have seamless and real time communication with all users.


  • +1 Smart School has an interactive database of all students, which contains students information that is easily accessible and always available for authorized staff.
  • Additional information regarding billing, attendance, marks, result, accounts, hostel, and transport, history is easily added by the administration. This makes information gathering more efficient and productive since it eliminates the need to contact all of the students teachers and search for various student files.
  • The student database includes basic information including address, names and grades, parents details and contact information. This database is linked to all of the students school classes and activities.


  • +1 Smart School has an interactive teacher database, where all the information are stored of teachers like name, address, identity, attendance records, teaching experience and specialization subjects.
  • Every teacher has own teacher panel and hasthe authority to creating new offline and online classes, creating examinations, viewing ateachers class schedule, downloading their payslips, filing reports and several other functionalities are incredibly easy and efficient.


The Fees Management module enables schools to do hassle free and paper less work, which in turns eliminate the manual work of about 90%. It also provides the option of viewing and downloading invoices, which then directly tie to the operating profit reports.

Fee reports can help you know the amount of money which is still pending to be collected for your School and you can channelize your future payments from students in a better way so you do not miss any payment from the parents.


  • Vehicles
  • Routes
  • Stops
  • Live Notifications
  • 100% Transparency


  1. Simple interface with one-click functionalities for quick capture.
  2. Attendance can be taken by course, by class or even automatically through signing into an online class.
  3. Audits reports list missing attendance submissions.
  4. Parents in the parent application can view attendance reports, and absences can immediately send push notifications to parents.


  • This module enables parents, students and teachers to better plan their upcoming calendar year.
  • With all updates taking place in real time on the calendar year the parents and teachers have the knowledge to plan holidays as wellas other family outings.
  • Not only that they can see when sports days are taking place and any other large school functions or gatherings as well.


  • Through the integration of zoom classes, +1 Smart School offers our consumers the ability to conduct zoom classes online without even the need for zoom.
  • The online class has the functionalities of a whiteboard, document uploads, muting participants, conducting polls and even separating into breakout rooms.
  • Our system allows teachers to start a class according to their timetable or at random, and once started, the students will receive a push notification to join the classroom.


  1. The examination is the most important academic activity to evaluate the student ability and performance. Our online examination module includes a wide-range of processes from exam management modules include exam time table creation, marks entry, CCE report generation and final result display of student.
  2. Time Managed & Proctored
  3. Long Answer Questions (with the ability to upload and attachment)
  4. Multiple Choice

Why does your school need the +1 Smart School Platform?

With the +1 Smart School Platform, schools can seamlessly migrate their academic delivery and administration online by complementing their traditional practices.


  • Our Library Management System is designed to maintain all the activities that are being conducted in the library.
  • This module keeps track of allotment of books to the students and stock management of books.


    This module directly correlates to teachers and other staffs leaves as well as managing payments.

  • Functionalities : Through this module the management staff can directly view a teacher's profile, reimbursements as well as the attendance and automatically correlate that with the payment dispatched to the teacher.
  • Auto Payments : The module also enables autopayments on directed days by management.
  • Payslips: Additionally, the teacher can also directly download their pay slips from the application mitigating the administrative challenges


  • Maintaining a leave register of students requires a lot of effort and accuracy. Our module keeps a record of leave inside the system eliminating manual effort consuming task.
  • Parents can submit leaves on behalf or their child'swith the customized options a school wants, like sick leave, sports event leave, family event leave, etc.
  • This then enables students & parents to better track the coursework that was missed during their absence.
  • Eliminate the hassle of following up and view all missed coursework directly in the application.


  • Maintaining a leave register of teachers requires a lot of effort and accuracy. Our module keeps a record of leave inside the system eliminating manual effort consuming task.
  • Teachers have the ability to view and apply for leaves directly from the application. Whether its sick leave, personal leave, casual leave the leave can be submitted with or without attachments.
  • Once applied the system will send a query to the teachers reporting authority to either approve or disapprove the leave. Once decided by the reporting authority, the teacher will then be able to view the status within the application.
  • The leaves directly tie into the calendar as well, eliminating the need for remedial work.


  • Taking opinions and conducting surveys is a good way to analyze performance.
  • Our Polling system not only helps in customizing the polling but also helps in selection of your target audience for whom the poll has to be conducted.
  • Review responses as well as analyses the pattern of response provided by the various stakeholders.


  • Instead of subject homework, teachers to assign tasks and homework in line with their current subjects, which then can be uploaded or submitted online by the students.
  • Once uploaded the parents and management departments can see whether or not the teacher is also evaluating the homework as well as assigning a grade.


  • Taking opinions and conducting surveys is a good way to analyze performance.
  • Our Polling system not only helps in customizing the polling but also helps in selection of your target audience for whom the poll has to be conducted.
  • Review responses as well as analyses the pattern of response provided by the various stakeholders.


  • Teachers can use our current module to praise positive behavior and suggest students where they need to improve. By efficiently tracking students’ results, schools are setting them up for success.

  • Easily monitor, manage and assess student performance and behavior in the classroom and share that information not only with the students but the parents as well.


  • Teachers have the ability to assign comments to students within the timeline section, across the schooling years of the student.
  • Our timeline module enables parents and students to track their achievements and improvements throughout their school years.
  • The student can view these comments and achievements within timeline module and further use this information towards their resume or even university applications.


A content management system allows you to create, manage, store and edit massive amounts of content without any HTML programming skill.

Because you are able to edit your content from any computer with an Internet connection, you no longer have to rely on third-party developers or companies to keep your website up to date.


An online hostel management system ensures that record management and flawless execution of administrative tasks such as managing hostel

applications, registration forms, allotment of rooms, fees management, mess payment management, disciplinary issues and easy communication with students and parents.


The Safe Student Dispersal Practice ensures safe and smart see -off for students. The School Administrators and Transport staff members.

  • Parent can delegate a guardian to pick up the child.

  • Parent will submit the details of the Delegated person with Picture to the school and also share the QR code with delegated person.
  • Guardian receives a QR code.
  • Guardian arrives to pick up child and Teacher confirms QR Code with Information and Image submitted.
  • After validation, hand over child to Guardian.


The gallery and download center modules are used to store images, videos and documents that are available to all relevant stakeholders.

Whether there is a photo from a visit to the Zoo or a homework assignment, through one-click download all files simply.


The Reporting module highlights all the reports pertaining to students, teachers, school staff and operations. The reports evaluate all activities across the school system.

The student report may include an assessment of effort and class behavior, results if the school chooses to report on this. This information also identifies those areas in which the student needs to be further assisted or extended. When this is the case, the student report should clearly describe what the school will do to support the student.

The teachers reports will evaluate the effectiveness of the teachers and whether they are conducting their roles to the best of their capabilities. The management teams, to better understand the costs and inefficiencies associated with their current school system, will use the remainder of the reports.


  • Stock register which is Centralized and department wise
  • Current Stock Position of goods purchased .
  • Receipts and register
  • Co-operative stores

  • Requisition slips

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